minced sun dried tomato with hot chili peppers

Capuliato, or chopped dried tomato, is an example of the refinement of Sicilian gastronomic tradition. Excellent as a condiment for bread and pasta.

SIZE: 200 gr

6,42 IVA incl.

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Casa Morana‘s chilli tomato capuliato is an example of the ingenuity and refinement of Sicilian gastronomic tradition. The tomato is first salted and sun-dried and then chopped, and even when processed, it retains all the sweetness of the tomato as if freshly picked. Due to its spicy and strong flavour, it is recommended to be enjoyed in combination with dishes whose aftertaste you want to emphasise. Excellent for its colourful presentation on canapés or toasted bread in combination with aperitifs, it is recommended for enhancing the flavour of soups, creams and minestrone. It is ideal in the preparation of pasta, gnocchi and risottos, and also richly flavours main courses of meat and fish.

Additional information

Weight0,380 kg
Dimensions6,5 × 6,5 × 8,5 cm

200 gr


– 200 gr (standard)
– 1 kg available to order (production time 7 days and minimum quantity of 5 pots)


sun-dried tomato (fresh tomato, salt), oil, hot chilli peppers

Raw material

tomato from our own production

Area of origin of the tomato

Scicli/Sicily (in greenhouse, protected and certified cultivation)


Casa Morana

cod. EAN


nutritional values

Energia (energy): 1632 kj; 390 Kcal
Grassi (fat): 42,6 gr
– di cui saturi (of which saturates): 4,8 gr
Carboidrati (carbohydrate): 1,4 gr
– di cui zuccheri (of which sugars): 1,4 gr
Fibre (fiber): 0,8 gr
Proteine (protein): 0,4 gr
Sale (salt): 16 gr


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