Giuseppe Morana, administrator of Casa Morana, represents the second generation of our company.

After taking the helm of Casa Morana, he decided to build on his father’s teachings but, at the same time, to make some changes in the company. His innovative ideas will guide him towards the course of sustainability, high quality, and the dissemination of genuine naturalflavours of yesteryear.


Giuseppe Morana

Amministratore Casa Morana


Ms. Lucia Modica

Lucia Modica, responsible for the processing process, is the wife of Giuseppe Morana, with whom she shares a love of healthy eating and a desire to innovate. In the company, she dedicates herself passionately to recipes, in a continuous search for the best use of tomatoes on every dish. Attentive and meticulous at all stages of processing, she does not shy away from evening cleaning either.

Commercial Management

Webmaster, Graphics, Accounting, Logistics

Mr. Damiano Calafiore

Damiano came to Casa Morana with a project to innovate and digitise the company. He immediately became involved in the owners’ enterprise and, stimulated by the spirit of familiarity present in Casa Morana, he takes care of various aspects of the company, working alongside the administration. You will always find a sociable person at your disposal.

Warehouse Management

Mr. Alessandro Drago

Alessandro is our very young collaborator, driven by a strong desire to learn the rules and techniques of tomato cultivation, processing and marketing. But also the methods and secrets of Casa Morana, handed down by two generations of experts in the field, key to the satisfaction and well-being of our customers.